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It’s probably looks stupid, but i’ve never seen those photos of animatronic whales from Free Willy trilogy before.

They looks so so so cool! Why there is still live animals in marine parks and oceanariums, damn.

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this is what i’m talking about!

they looks so real, it’s amazing

these people sold their souls to get animatronics this believable

and considering these were made in the 90s/early 2000s…someone definitely sold their souls

Wow , it’s totally awesome !

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An adorable baby koala is seen enjoying a snooze after a traumatic start to life. The baby koala, nicknamed “Blondie Bumstead”, is being cared for by a volunteer from the Ipswich Koala protection society in Queensland after her mother was killed by a dog. Blondie, who was named for her light fur, was given just a 50-50 chance of pulling through after the attack. But after a course of antibiotics and some tender loving car from volunteer Marilyn Spletter she has now been given a clean bill of health. According to Marilyn she has hand-reared around 40 baby koalas but says that Blondie, who will be released back into the wild after 15 months, is one of her favourites. She said: “She’s got a little character all of her own and she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. When she’s stressed I kiss her on the nose or I rub my nose on hers and it relaxes her”. (Photo by Jamie Hanson/Newspix/REX Features)

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